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People suffering from breathlessness after climbing a big hill or after going up several stairs is absolutely normal. However, individuals who find themself suffering from shortness of breath after everyday instances or after any low-intensity work such as cleaning, walking, laundry, etc. Then it becomes important for you to take some proactive steps to improve their condition either by using natural remedies or through medications.

Identify the cause of your shortness of breath; usually, it can be caused due to poor lifestyle choices such as a low level of fitness or smoking, cold, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma, allergies or other respiratory conditions, obesity, etc. It is important to treat these conditions that are causing shortness of breath in you, if these conditions are left untreated then it may lead to worsening the condition. Once you have identified the reason for the cause of breathlessness in you it is very easy for you to treat this condition. Obesity affects women and men health.

Obesity is one of the most commonly caused conditions that may lead to cause breathlessness. It is said that obesity and shortness of breath go hand in hand. It is very common for an overweight person to suffer from shortness of breath. The excess weight forces the heart and lungs to work harder in order to move your excess body weight. It is a very commonly seen sight that over-weight people often suffer from shortness of breath while performing the everyday task that is not the case in the people with normal body weight.


You can reduce the risk of developing serious breathing difficulties by taking the necessary precautionary steps. Breathlessness caused due to overweight or obesity can be easily bought under control by following all the necessary precautionary steps. First and foremost, talk to your doctor before you began your weight loss program in case you have a lot of weight to lose. Don’t opt for unachievable goals; keep realistic goals that are easily achievable such as trying to lose only 1 to 1.5 kg in a week or two do not exaggerate. If you are facing serious breathing difficulties, work carefully with your doctor to find out effective ways to exercise that will be safe for you.

Do at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise every day. It is not necessary that only overweight individuals would suffer from shortness of breath, a normal-weight person is also likely to suffer from this problem. Cardiovascular exercises such as walking, jogging, brisk walking, swimming, and skating, are all very effective forms of exercise that help you to strengthen your heart, improve your cardiovascular system, and reduce the problem of breathlessness.

Getting your body to normal body weight through diet and regular workouts will greatly reduce shortness of breath in obese and overweight individuals. Apart from cardiovascular exercise Yoga is a great form of workout that can help you get back your normal breath.

Pranayama (breathing exercise) is the act of controlling the actions of Breathing-In and Breathing-Out after establishing steadiness in an asana. This form of exercise will help you overcome breathlessness even quicker. Pranayama is a very simple technique of inhaling, pausing, and exhaling thus controlling the entire process of breathing.

Lastly apart from obesity, stress is also an important factor that can cause shortness of breath in you. Stress is usually associated with a panic attack that makes to overreact or become stressed. Shortness of breath caused due to stress can worsen the situation if not bought under immediate control.

Weight loss, yoga, diet, and stress management are some of the effective remedies to overcome the problem of shortness of breath to a great extent.