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par Mark Harvey, Thursday 13 January 2022, 21:02
Tout le monde (grand public) has the most basic website I've seen so far. It had valuable content, and even a video of an interview with the owner. This video made me feel devastated. Many companies of this type claim that they provide homework help to students. Paymetodoyourhomework review claims that she does this for the money and doesn't promise confidentiality. This company only does homework, so it is a limited service. They also don't work with high-school students.

Pricing and discounts

This service is not well-reviewed, so I didn't know what the costs were. The website was not helpful at all. The website gives only the lowest rate for their services. You'd have to contact to get an actual quote. These are the rates for their services:

Full classes $99 per Week

Quizzes and tests - $49 for each quiz or test

Finals - $119 each final

Papers and essays - $29 per Page

Projects: $99 per Page

Homework - $29 per page

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